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Community and Asset Management Services

J&S Management

For over 25 years, J&S Management has worked to build a reputation in the property management industry. Its current owners, Joseph and Susan Bobeck, founded the company in 1992. They have been married for 38 years and have three children: Kelly, Kimberly, and Joseph Jr. They also have five grandchildren: Joseph, James, Colin, Sophia, and Emma. The success of J&S Management is a direct reflection of its owners who treat their business like they treat their family, with compassion.

Susan is the heart of the company and believes that every resident who lives in one of her communities should always be treated kindly and with respect. Furthermore, Susan requires her staff to have the most efficient and effective customer service in the business.

Susan began her career as a Real Estate Agent for Realty One. Her knowledge of real estate was the basis for her ability to excel at property management. Since entering the real estate business, Susan has earned multiple industry certifications, was active on the board of the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association, and has been an advocate for educating and enforcing Fair Housing Laws.

J&S Management currently holds an impressive portfolio across the mid-west containing market-rate, affordable, senior, and multi-use properties. Maintaining high occupancy levels, high renewal rates, customer satisfaction, and employee retention are standards executed across all properties. These standards allow J&S Management to operate to its highest potential and allow for continued growth.

Susan’s commitment to her residents, employees, communities, and compliance has made it possible for her to run a successful business. Her experience with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also makes J&S Management a well-rounded operation with a wealth of knowledge in all management fields.

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