Community and Asset Management Services

Great Lakes Financial Group

For over 25 years, J&S Management has worked to build a reputation in the property management industry on the basis of the company core values: respect, integrity, honesty, and service. Its current owners, Joseph Bobeck Sr. and Susan Bobeck, founded the company in 1992 and have been growing ever since.

J&S Management currently holds an impressive portfolio across the Midwest containing market-rate, affordable, senior, family and multi-use properties. Maintaining high occupancy levels, high renewal rates, customer satisfaction, and employee retention are standards executed across all properties. These standards allow J&S Management to operate to its highest potential and allow for continued growth.

J&S Management’s commitment to residents, employees, communities, and compliance is the reason for its success. The team’s experience with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also makes J&S Management a well-rounded operation with a wealth of knowledge in all management fields.

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