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Our History

The Great Lakes Companies is a full service real estate firm focused on the housing industry. From the beginning, the mission of The Great Lakes Companies has been to work closely with our real estate partners to positively impact as many housing communities as our resources allow while maintaining the highest quality possible.

In 1989, Joe and Sue Bobeck founded a small mortgage banking firm, called Great Lakes Financial Group. During the early years of operating the banking firm, the Bobecks realized they had a true passion not only to finance housing, but also to develop and operate multi-family communities. In the early to mid-90s, the firm extended into the market of building and preserving housing communities across the Midwest. The real estate holdings growth of the firm came in 2000. By 2008, the firm was continuing to grow, despite the collapse of the world housing economy.

Joe Bobeck and his son Joe Bobeck Jr. focused on making a better company to service the housing industry. After three years of working with trusted advisors, the branding of The Great Lakes Companies and affiliates was born in 2011. The integration of The Great Lakes Companiesp allowed the firm to better oversee the quality of work being done in every aspect of a project, therefore guaranteeing the best quality possible. Since then, The Great Lakes Companies and all of the company’s affiliates providing lending, development, management and construction services have experienced growth in their respective industries. This growth has led to The Great Lakes Companies’ involvement in over 200 communities, 20,000+ units and more than $3 billion of business in the real estate industry.

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